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PhD thesis 
Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology
Waipapa Taumata Rau | The University of Auckland

"For an unparalleled and thorough editing service, Kristin Lush stands out as the ultimate choice.

Entrusting her with the editing service gave me an overwhelming sense of confidence when submitting my thesis because her approach to her work is both professional and meticulous. What sets Kristin apart is her dedication to providing detailed explanations and rationale for every suggestion she offers. 

It's rare to encounter an editor who genuinely invests interest in your work beyond the scope of the service provided. Her genuine engagement with my thesis was truly remarkable, and I wholeheartedly endorse her exceptional editing services."

The Empty, Hungry Plate_edited.jpg


Jacoba thesis Loloa spring in Siumu village.jpg

PhD Thesis
+ ongoing scholarly work

Matātā Taua'oa'oga ma Galuega o Manūuga Fa'afaigānu'u 
| Doctor of Education and Social Work
Waipapa Taumata Rau 
| The University of Auckland

"My doctoral thesis included Pacific research methodologies, Pacific language and creative components. It also integrated various modalities, including text, imagery, poetry and video. As a Pasifika researcher engaging in Pacific Indigenous-centric research, I appreciate the ethic of care Kristin demonstrated throughout the review process. She demonstrated deep respect for and genuine interest in the work. After the viva, my thesis was passed without any further recommendations or edits. In my view, this is also a testament of the high standard of Kristin's work. I have continued to work with her across several research projects and article submissions."


Master's thesis 
Master of Human Geography 
Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha
University of Canterbury

"I make sure my students work with an editor so I can focus on the content and overall structure of a thesis. My candidate (a native speaker of Indonesian) and I really appreciated how Kristin provided corrections in the text and added comments and suggestions when something didn’t quite work in English. As a supervisor, I valued Kristin's collaborative approach, as it is helpful for students when the proofreader and supervisor are on the same page. Kristin recognised that thesis writing is an emotional and academic journey, and I’d happily recommend her to potential students and supervisors."

Master's thesis on Christchurch Farmer's Market



Conference Paper
PhD Researcher
School of Built Environment
College of Sciences

Massey University

"As a very mature first-time post-graduate student, I needed assistance on a conference paper. A friend and PhD student in his last year suggested I approach Kristin, as he had found her work to be of excellent quality and value. When I emailed her, she was visiting family in the USA but agreed to help me. I had a very short deadline, and the work I sent through was edited overnight. I was amazed that Kristin was able to present me with a finished paper of the highest standard so quickly, especially when she had no knowledge of the legislation that I was critically analysing. I will be recommending Kristin to anyone who asks."

Journal Article on ES Adaptability copyedited by Kristin Lush


Journal Article
PhD Researcher in Enterprise Systems
Waipapa Taumata Rau | The University of Auckland

“Kristin provided clear, constructive comments which helped to improve the clarity and consistency of the manuscript. Her excellent communication skills made the experience very pleasant.”


Postgrad Diploma Assignments
Postgraduate Student of International Hospitality Management
Auckland Institute of Technology

“As an overseas student, I found it difficult to write academically. When I was feeling overwhelmed, Kristin rescued me with her editing and teaching skills. With her support, as I completed one assignment after another over the course of the semester, I never lost my confidence, I improved my grades, and I developed my writing skills. Her feedback helped me to understand how my arguments in essays and reports should flow.  Thanks to her comments, I was able to present my ideas more logically for an academic audience that included my instructor and my native English speaker peers.”

Postgrad Diploma Assignment in International Hospitality Management copyedited by Kristin Lush


Learning Design

A-HA! Innovations

Quebec, Canada

I've the pleasure of working with Kristin on several occasions. I first hired her to edit some elearning storyboards. In her feedback, she demonstrated her capacity to contribute creatively and constructively to the stories we were developing. Kristin and I are currently working on a large project, for which she has contributed content to 10 long storyboards, each of which are being tailored, with her involvement, to a specific audience. The development team relies on Kristin to keep track of the details from one storyboard to another, because she is especially good at keeping things consistent. Her conversational writing style is also very much appreciated in this context, as is the way she adds specific details that make training dialogues interesting. I could add that Kristin is very friendly and nice to work with! I highly recommend her whenever you need work that you want to be perfect -- or close to perfection!

what’s going on here_edited.jpg
Arts Beyond Borders image.png


Educational Resources / Website
Arts Beyond Borders Project Leader
Centre for Arts and Social Transformation

Waipapa Taumata Rau 
| The University of Auckland

"Kristin has proofread and edited all the content of our project. As a non-native English speaker, I have had the help of many proofreaders with my writing in English, and I can say that I have never found anyone like Kristin. She not only has outstanding communication skills, but also makes a special effort to understand your meaning and intentions in every single sentence. Her comments and suggestions were super helpful for all of our collaborators. I'd definitely work with her again and recommend her to everyone."

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