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I'm Kristin Lush, and I want to be
your editor.

Kristin Lush, Academic Editor, wants native and non-native users of English to put their important academic work into her safe hands!


Writing is a challenge for both native and non-native users of English.


It's a big deal for anyone to put their precious thoughts into a stranger's hands. For me, each copyediting or proofreading job is a chance to reward a writer's trust with insightful, helpful feedback.

It's also fun!


As an academic editor, I work with brilliant thinkers and help them 

tell their stories more clearly, cohesively, and accurately.

I've worked with clients from all walks of academic life

students with undergraduate assignments and postgraduate theses; professional academics with research reports, journal articles, educational resources, fellowship applications, and book chapters; and instructional designers with course content.

Collaborating with writers, I enter and experience new worlds like those I encountered as an undergrad at "diversity university" (Wesleyan Class of 1992), as a Pacific-crossing sailor (1995 to 1998), and as a teacher of international students (2000 to 2020).


The writing I edit expands and enriches my understanding of

people, processes, systems, and the planet.

I aim to give my clients even more than I receive from being

a part of their academic journeys.

Contact me for more information!

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