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Your work is important. 

Get it edited your way.

Does your writing need
"The WORKS"...

I will both carefully correct your text AND make constructive suggestions
to help improve cohesion, logic, and flow.
This will make your writing more effective and engaging.

Kristin Lush, Academic Editor, can give your important writing "The WORKS" to improve cohesion, logic, and flow and make it more readable!

...or "Proofreading PLUS"?

If you're quite confident in your text or short on time/funding,
I will proofread it to correct language and punctuation errors.

PLUS, I'll highlight areas where the writing is confusing 
for you to review and change.

Kristin Lush, Academic Editor, can proofread your important writing to improve accuracy and make comments to help you write more clearly and effectively.

Send me a completed style guide
and a sample draft of at least 4,000 words.
I'll show you how I work and give you an estimate for the job.

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