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Let's work together.

Email me to request a sample and quote.

This photo tells the same story as the one on my home page: the "real" hands typing are yours, 
the hands reflected in the table are mine.

Contact Kristin Lush, Academic Editor/Copyeditor/Proofreader, Auckland, New Zealand by email at

Let's work together.


When you email me at

please provide:

  • a representative sample of the work to be edited

  • a table of contents, if applicable

  • any style guidelines or this completed form

  • your total word count

  • your time frame

  • any preferences/special requests


I'll respond to confirm receipt and then provide ASAP:

  • TWO samples – "The WORKS" and "Proofreading PLUS"

  • a professional quote for the job, with terms and conditions

You only pay for the sample when I become your editor!

+64 21 150 6244

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When you email me...
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